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Resilient Seal Swing Check Valve (Non Return Valve) For Fire Main PDF Print E-mail

Download the spec sheet 

Valves are manufactured and tested in accordance with UL 312, FM, ULC
class 175.The valve designed to offer positive seating for resistance against
back pressure of back flow and efficient relax surge in line, suitable for fire
protection and distribution service.
SIZE : 2 1/2" - 12"



  • Class 175 (350 psi non-shock pressure)
  • Flange conforms with ANSI B16.1 , class 125
  • Full port and easy in-line service
  • Replaceable resilient dise seat and disc
  • Disc - body clearance min. 19.1 mm.
  • Arm - body clearance min. 12.7 mm.
  • Lifting lug on cover
  • Epoxy coated internal and external