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Resilient Wedge Gate Valve PDF Print E-mail

Download the spec sheet 

Valves are manufactured and tested in accodance with BS5150 ,
PN10 , straight through bore type non rising stem and rising
stem os&y and the wedge is replaceable without taking the valve
out from the pipline , suitable for all types of water and air.
SIZE : 50 mm - 400 mm



  • Vulcanized encapsulated resilient wedge , bubble tight shut-off ,
    low head loss and suitable for use as a throttling valve.
  • Valve ends can be flanged , screwed , ringtite (socket) , spigot , grooved
    and shoulder.
  • Flanged drilling to suit ANSI B16.1 , BS4504 , BS10 , BS 4772 ,
    ISO , AS2129 , DIN , JIS and etc.
  • Various types of operators such as handwheel , chainwheel ,
    spur gear , bevel gear , pneumatic , hydraulic and electric actuator
    can be provided upon requested.
  • Special accessories like by-pass unit , valve locking device ,
    tapped bosses , pipe cover , indicator and limit swithes are also